Hello World! I'm Felipe Oriani

Who am I?

My name is Felipe Oriani, a computer scientist from Brazil living in Piracicaba - São Paulo and Master's Candidate in Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) . I am an active user in Stack Overflow, mainly in tags like C#, Asp.Net-MVC, Asp.Net-Web-API .Net, Linq, Entity-Framework, NHibernate and related tags.

Where did I work?

I have been working as a software developer since 2004 and I never stopped working. Nowadays I work for GAtec S/A as a .Net Developer/Architect (and some DevOps) building commercial software for agribusiness and other areas. Before this, I also worked for other companies like Ci&t Software as a software developer with other technologies like Java, Asp.Net WebForms, VB.Net, Object-Pascal (Delphi-IDE), etc.

I am currently interested mainly in the .NET and Javascript (NodeJs, ReactJs) platforms, but I am open mind and I always want to know the best and the worst of any technology and how they can help us to build the best solution for each case. My job involves S.O.L.I.D. principles, software development/architecture, DevOps, SOA principles, unit testing, dependency injection and inversion of control, design patterns, object oriented programming and many more. Somtimes I also apply some training and organize tech talks on the company to improve the skills of the entire team.

How about my study and research?

I graduated in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in computer science (BSc - Bachelor of Computer science) at Municipal Foundation of Piracicaba of and after that I just work on the market and gain professional experience over the years. In 2012 I started getting some credits on a new University and in 2014 I started the master program. Finally in 2016 I finished my Master's Degree in Computer science (MSc - Master of Computer science) at School of Technology (FT) of University of Campinas (Unicamp). IMHO, it is important to keep studying because I think it's useful to know what happens under the hood when we use abstractions such as high level programming languages. As a natural professor, I also want to have a chance to pass the knowledge I have gained over the years working as a software developer/architect.

My research involves Decision Support Systems using machine learning algorithms (artificial neural networks, support vector machine and statistical methods) for time series forecasting where is been applied for stock trading, but can be applied to other type of time series. This project was built in C#, Encog machine learning framework and R languages.

Some people or companies usually give some value to Microsoft Certifications, you can take a look at my MCP Transcript using the Transcript ID: 942176 and Access Code: felipeoriani and see what Microsoft Certifications I own.


You can find me on mail () and it's the best way to find me. You also can call me at . Another way is to talk with me in the social links above on this page. Maybe you are able to look at my GitHub and see some code there to define my profile.